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Bead for Life Recycled Magazine Jewelry

Margaret Awata of Bead for Life Recycled Magazine Jewelry

In this touching and powerful video, one of the artisans who handcrafts our beautiful Madaala, Imena, and Leena necklaces speaks movingly of her life before and after she began working with Bead for Life in northern Uganda.

Margaret's proud strong face gives the impression of the resilience which kept her going through years of difficulty. Born into a very poor family, she was unable to go to school. By the time she was 7 both her parents had died and she drifted from one relative to another. She married young to an army man and together they had three children.

At 27, Margaret was widowed when her husband was killed in the war in Northern Uganda. She and her children were left destitute. Providing even a meal for her children was difficult. When Bead for Life met Margaret she lived in an abandoned house that was falling down. Margaret became an industrious bead maker and her life began to change.

Margaret saved her money so that she could start to build a house in the BeadforLife village. Here her natural leadership began to emerge and she was elected the chairperson of the village, a respected and strong leader. Margaret's children are all in school. Her garden is full of food. She knows she will never be poor again.